Professor Phlip takes basic Science concepts and translates them into rap songs that stick in students' minds.

Rhythm and rhyme combine to help young minds
learn Science without trying.

Topics include:

- the 3 states of matter
- chemical changes
- the 3 types of rock
- the rock cycle
- the 5 kingdoms of living things

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  • Chemical Change Is
  • Unlock the Rocks
  • What's the Matter
  • Rocks Can Roll
  • It's Alive!
  • Kingdom Plantae
  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Kingdom Fungi
  • Kingdom Protista
  • Kingdom Monera
  • Los Tipos de Roca


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Chemical Change Is

Whatís that on my bike? Whatís that on my baby sisterís trike?
Thatís not dust, itís RUST - Didnít I put oil on it last week?
(Uh actually that was last year) Whatever
That stuff is weak, when I go down the street I squeak
Sounds like birds following me, itís bothering me
Iíve got to know where the rust came from, where it sprang from
Hold up, let me turn my brain on
Whereíd it come from? Iron and oxygen
And what did it become? Iron oxide RUST
Bells are ringing, lights are coming on, fingers snapping
I still donít get, how did this happen?

Chemical change is the strangest, goes and rearranges all of the molecules

OK stop, take a rest, take a moment for yourself
And take a nice deep breath
OXYGEN the best thing in the air, OXYGEN had to come from somewhere
Check it out, the plants made it, they fabricated it
They took water and carbon dioxide and traded it
They made sugar so they could grow and make the sap flow
And just let the oxygen go Ė photosynthesis
So whereíd it come from? carbon dioxide and water
And what did it become? sugar and oxygen
Again bells are ringing, lights are coming on, fingers snapping
I still donít get, how did this happen?

Chemical change is the strangest, goes and rearranges all of the molecules

Alright so how about this, if I take my sisterís tricycle
And paint it the color of a strawberry icicle
Thatís strange, is that a chemical change?
No son, listen up, donít let your brain stop
Paintís just something you drop on top
If the name of the game is a chemical change
Iíve got to say that a coat of paint ainít
Itís just physical, physical
Alright so if Iím in the classroom, and I spaz
And accidentally drop a glass I need a broom
But the glass is smashed and thereís no going back
And thatís strange, is that a chemical change?
No son, you can smash it, you can crash it
You can throw it in the trash, glass is still glass
Itís just physical, physical

Chemical change is the strangest, goes and rearranges all of the molecules

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Unlock the Rocks
Unlock the rocks
Check out the beat in the box
Check out your feet in your socks
Turn the key to the lock
There's three types of rock

Igneous rocks got hot, that's how they start
They're like magma from a boiling pot of hot lava
They spew up from volcanoes, like giants blowing they nose
Or slowly cool down someplace deep underground
Pumice from hot ash, obsidian--black glass
Go and tell your class that it's not my fault
It's basalt, where flowing lava came to a halt

Boom! Igneous rocks, man they're hot

Now you know about the igneous rocks
It like a volcano with a runny nose dripping with snot
But that ain't all yo, there's three types of rock
You've still got two more keys to the lock
So check out the beat in the box
Unlock the rocks

The sedimentaries are just waiting for centuries
Their teeth fall out they need dentures and their hair gets grayer
As they sit at the bottom of the ocean saying prayers
And getting scared, collecting mud in lots of layers
Waiting for the day they rise up and become players
Playing the game, staying the same, say my name
Limestone, sandstone hiding dinosaur bones
And other fossils, everything is possible

Sedimentary, in lots of layers, say it like you care

So that was the sedimentaries, waiting at the bottom of the ocean
Smashed down for hundreds of centuries
Now we've got one more key to the lock, one more type of rock
So we can unlock the rocks

The metamorphic rocks change from one thing to another
Today they're your grandma, tomorrow they're your brother
Or something other, they'll make you cry for your mother
Thinking of the heat and pressure that sticks rocks together
The weight of a mountain would crush you like fruit leather
But those are the breaks, that's what it takes, that's how it makes
Crystals and gems, you can look with your lens
At the quartz or even the diamonds, go tell all your friends about

Metamorphic rocks, the heat and the pressure, they're all stuck together the box full of treasure

So now you've got the metamorphic rocks
They're super hot, and they're smashed flat like a box top
They've got so much heat and pressure, more pain than pleasure
All right now that's three types of rocks
And that's three keys to the lock and you've got the beat in the box
And you're gonna pull up your socks now you can
Unlock the rocks
All right now stop

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Kingdom Fungi
Itís Alive! Alive!

All the living things are in Kingdoms with no kings
No queens, no crowns, no thrones, no rings

Kingdom Fungi
In the Fungus Kingdom they absorb energy
from dead things-yum!
From bread mold to tasty mushrums

So you forgot to clean the fridge
Even though your mama told you, sheíll scold you
Leftovers turning funky and old, covered with mold
Since when does pizza need to shave
Iíve got to be brave and learn about these things living among us
Organisms from the kingdom of the fungus
The funky stuff, itís kind of rough, they canít get enough
Dead stuff, like fallen trees and cow patties and rotten tangerines
(Ew...) Youíre telling me, I think itís straight up insane
But they absorb energy so theyíve got no cell membranes
Ainít that strange? Itís as plain as the nose on your face
Like it or not, fungus is all over the place
From the mold in household waste
To the delicious taste of mushrooms on your pizza
To athletes foot on your feet, son
Come on and tell me that donít make you want to eat some
Yeah, you probably donít want any
Some fungus has one cell and some of them have many
Alright thatís plenty, give you a penny if you remember any
Of these facts Iíve told about the
Kingdom of the mushrooms and mold

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What's the Matter?
Whatís the matter? solid, liquid, gas
Whatís the matter with me? Whatís the matter with you?
And what you gonna do? Like Mr. T I pity the fool
Who doesnít know itís true
Matter includes air and rocks and me and you
Step up to the plate and take a swing, batter
Check it out, the 3 states of matter

Cool it down now
Whatís the matter?
SOLID atoms are moving slow
SOLID theyíve got nowhere to go
SOLID they just canít flow
Seems like forever, atoms been stuck together
They maintain their shape and their volume remain the same
And stay that way
It never gets old, they keep it cold
Like juice in your freezer or a ring of solid gold
I told you once, now Iím gonna tell you twice
Just think about the way water turns to ice and thatís SOLID...

Heat it up, heat it up, heat it up now
Whatís the matter?
LIQUID goes with the flow, never says no
LIQUID always on the go
Pour it in a pan, pour it in your hand, pour it on the floor
Itís not the same shape anymore, it pours
Thatís how the liquids go, thatís how they flow
So sit up and act like you know
Pour it in a bottle, pour it in a cup
Tilt it so diagonalís up, it stays flat on top
Thatís whatís up, now pour it in a dish, pour it in a spoon
Atoms in a liquid have room to move around
Pour it on your head, pour it on the ground
Itís only the force of gravity that holds it down and thatís LIQUID...

Heat it up, heat it up, heat it up now
Whatís the matter?
GAS atoms move so fast theyíre spastic
GAS so catch up before it gets drastic
Boil that kettle and blow up the balloon
Atoms in a gas just fill up the room
Or whatever the place is, they fill up the spaces
Atoms in a gas always win all the races
They even go up your nose so you know what the taste is
Gas is invisible, you barely know itís there
Except when the wind blows and you feel it in your hair
Itís everywhere, when you light the stove or breathe the air
Ew, methane in your underwear? thatís GAS...

Whatís the matter? solid, liquid, gas
Step up to the plate and take a swing, batter
There youíve got them, the 3 states of matter

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All songs Copyright ©2006 Philip Handmaker/Felipazo Music (ASCAP)

Who is Professor Phlip?

When Philip Handmaker was teaching fifth grade in a bilingual school in Arlington, Virginia, his brother suggested that he write a brief tune to hook his students onto the topic. Within minutes, he had cooked up a rap song, and Professor Phlip was born. The song stuck in his students' heads better than any other lesson he had taught that year.

After moving to Taos, New Mexico, Handmaker decided to see how many science-themed rap songs he could put together, with the results on this page. His rapping is influenced by old-school icons like Phife Dawg and Ludacris, with a little Busta Rhymes thrown in for good measure.


Over the years, he created an enormous amount of educational music, including the bilingual Spanish-English Mister Felipe project, which earned him invitations to perform on the radio and in numerous prestigious venues. More recently, he has written and produced a demo of over a dozen songs about animals written collaboratively with kids, which can be found at He also performs with the world beat band Sol Connection, which plays throughout New Mexico and Colorado.

Handmaker's great passion is in taking complex content and turning it into catchy music.


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